The things I didn't get to say

Thank you for being a great father
You were there for every step of the way
Even when I was difficult to deal with
You were patient and full of love

I regret those times that we argued
Those times I should have given in but didn't
You made things better with a simple joke
I could never stay mad at you no matter how I tried

Thank you for making sure
I was able to take care of myself and everyone that we loved
You never gave up on me even when the world has
Your faith was enough to keep us all together

I regret those times that I took for granted
When I should have spent more time with you
Instead of worrying about the next day
Of things that could have waited a while

Thank you for pushing me to do better
Without your guidance I would have been lost
Thank you for being my very first friend
My life is what I owe to you

I would gladly trade places with you
The world needs you more than it does me
I wish I could be just like you
But I know that just can't be

There is only one you
For that I'm thankful
To have had a father
As great as you

Thank You