March 20, 2018

The Biggest Lie

The writing's on the wall, but no one cares at all
To convey the message that we wrote ourselves
Destroy the walls we mend and burn the candle at both ends

I really think we are
Becoming more mindless of the heart
Becoming everything we hate
Building our castles for the future
A Trojan horse is at the gate
Built by the enemy that we made

It's false sincerity, we hear celebrities
"Buy a hybrid if you can" with ten years of your food stamps
Caught myself listening to sheltered excuses for human beings

So it becomes elite
They separate then what have we got?
Nothing in common with their wealth
One clip can change public opinion
One sin can send you straight to hell
Learned how to lie and not get caught
More piss in the melting pot

Shut out majority with riches
Their words become more valuable
Then the voice of a million starving children
That they have a million ways to solve
Left freedom bleeding on the roadside,
We believe the biggest lie

February 23, 2017

Wide Awake

It's been a few months
Since your last one word reply
You're sadly mistaken
If you think I'll reach out and try

Again and again,
You keep playing this cruel game
But you are nothing to me now,
We are not the same

I'm wide awake
'Cause I won't let it go
Playing in my head
Just like a rerun show

And I can't understand
Why you can't comprehend
That I will never break

Now I know who you are
I'm wide awake