November 26, 2015

She is a riddle...

...wrapped in a drop dead gorgeous enigma.
I can't figure her out.
Not sure if I'm supposed to.
Pattern recognition is throwing me off
Just like the wind,
You can spend energy fighting it
Or use it to sail
And enjoy the journey

November 21, 2015

Go it Alone

Another day of breathing, waking next to you
The world could end and I'd be alright where I am
To paint the world a little more blue and show you how
As the distant morning shines through me
You'll never have to go it alone

November 19, 2015

Short Days of Glory

Do not lose sight of the greater goal.
Take every lost battle in stride.
Relish in the small victories.
Then, go back and do it again.
You may fall and you may fail.
Expect the worst but hope for the best.
For however long the days of defeat,
There's always short days of glory.

November 18, 2015

A Postcard Would Be Nice

Lost yourself it didn't take much time
It wasn't hard to find
Now that you've been to the edge,
Stood and looked down from the top
And found it wasn't worth the pain
A selfish way to say
"I'm the only one that counts"
And happiness is out

Really insecure, disguising what's inside
You're not cool to me
I won't wait in the back of the line

Hate yourself just like I thought you would
It didn't do us any good
I'm afraid of being right
So before I say goodbye to you
Come down from off your throne
And let the truth be known
We all know you ARE insane
It's how you play this game

November 15, 2015

This Could Be Love...

I've got a book of matches
I've got a can of kerosene
I've got some bad ideas
Involving you and me...

This could be love...
Love for fire...

November 13, 2015

Okay I Believe You...

I am heaven sent
Don't you dare forget
I am all you've ever wanted
What all the other boys all promised
Sorry I told
I just needed you to know
I think in decimals and dollars
I am the cause to all your problems
Shelter from cold
We are never alone
Coordinate brain and mouth
Then ask me what's it like
To have myself so figured out
I wish I knew....

This is war
Every line is about
Who I don't want to write about anymore
Hope you come down with something
They can't diagnose or have the cure for
Holding on to your grudge
Oh it's so hard to have someone to love
And keeping quiet is hard
Cause you can't keep a secret
If it never was a secret to start
At least pretend
You didn't want to get caught...

November 9, 2015

My Mistake

Burning out like a candle at both ends
I just can't seem to understand
Why I'm all alone
Then you came along with thoughts of us
Of being there until the end

We were never in this for
The temptations of the heart
Tell me why this feels so right?!

My mistake...
Was placing my lips on yours
And now I cannot take...
I can't take it back now

You and I knew this could never end too well
Oh well, but we kept fanning the flames
Burn baby, burn!
Like a hearse we dragged it on and on
So long that we can't tell it's the end
Until the next?!

We were never in this for
The intentional distress
Tell me why this feels so wrong?!

My mistake...
Was placing my lips on yours
And now I cannot take...
I can't take it back now

Never take it back now

November 5, 2015


Remember, remember
The fifth of November
We see no reason
Why gun powder treason
Should ever be forgot...

November 4, 2015

I and I

I'm so proud of where I am
I'm learning where to stand
Or to tread lightly

So, hold back steadfast.
You gotta breathe
And be content, just count to ten
Like all the experts say
And if their drugs don't seem to work
Then, they've got a padded room for you
To get your just desserts

I and I, we're taking control of our lives
Everything's alright.